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It was in 2007 that the history of the Verde Equipamentos began, when – today – the owner knew the ecological brick and decided to manufacture his own house using the material that offered (and offers) sustainability and economy.

The experience with the construction with the ecological brick, together with the knowledge of the mechanical metal industry, led the owner to start the production of robust and reliable machines, capable of making perfect ecological bricks, all with a highly competitive price.

Currently, the company goes far beyond the manufacture of machines. Today the Green Equipment is a mechanical metal industry, with focus on the manufacture of machines and equipment for civil construction, mining, agribusiness and others.

Manufacturing process

Large-scale production

With our manufacturing system in large quantities, standardization of products, high productivity, excellent prices and high quality are guaranteed.


Union of pieces with high fixing power and durability without risk of breakage, cracks and distortion of the pieces.

Laser Cutting Machine

The various steel plates that make up our machines are laser cut. With that we have much more precision, we can produce more complex parts with higher quality, without damaging the surfaces of cuts. The result is machines with standardized and regular parts.

Plegable CNC

We have CNC folder (Computerized Numerical Control) allowing perfect linear bends and repetition of the fold in a precise way, facilitating the production of the pieces in series with large quantities.

Machining processes

Our axles, bushings and boxes are manufactured using the machining processes, which guarantees precision and surfaces with special patterns.

Electrostatic paint

Attractive finish and high level finish. High resistance to corrosion, impact and radiation.

Stock de Piezas

We keep a good stock of pieces for prompt attention to our customers.


The purpose of Verde Equipamentos is to make our clients achieve their objectives, which range from building their own home, opening their own profitable and profitable business, to improving production processes in the field and mining. The satisfaction of our customers It is our focus.

To do this, we advise you and provide all the necessary information about the methods, systems and equipment that are adapted to your needs. We respect and value your money. Our sector of machines for the production of ecological bricks is a classic example that our focus is your satisfaction: we provide the best possible technical support, guiding from the operation and operation of the machines to the appropriate technological control, which implies the correct choice of the product, the soil, the traits, the preparation of the dough, the healing process and much more.

We are still dedicated to eliminating the risks for those who want to start with green bricks.


You can buy our equipment from wherever you are! Here at Verde Equipamentos we use online sales transactions that are safe and reliable both for you who buy, and for us who sell. You use your credit card in the comfort of your home or in your office.


Is your intention to start the sale of ecological bricks? Then know that you are on the right path! The market for ecological bricks is huge and with low competition. Undertaking with Verde Equipamentos you guarantee a profit margin close to 100%. All this quickly.


With low investment you guarantee high production capacity: the cost of material for the production of one million ecological bricks is R $ 160.00. This million is marketed between R $ 800.00 to R $ 1000.00. Large quantities of production guarantee large financial returns.

After sale

The customer of Verde Equipamentos has an after-sales sector, which offers total support and guidance, ranging from instructions for the handling of the equipment to information on the preparation of the mass and the healing process of the ecological bricks. This way it is possible to shorten the time in the manufacture of a perfect brick.


The customer of Verde Equipamentos has the after-sales sector, which offers total support and guidance, ranging from the management of equipment to the preparation of the mass and healing process of the ecological bricks. This way it is possible to shorten the time in the manufacture of a perfect brick.


Practical and Secure Payment Our customers can acquire our equipment independently from this. We use online transactions, you trust the internet, that guaranties you secure both for us that we sell, as much for or as client that buys. Tudo does not comfort his house or script.
We count on logistic partners so that delivery is feita in all national and international territory. Dependent on your region, we manage to make delivery on a personal basis.

High productivity

Our manual presses guarantee high productivity: they are 2 thousand bricks manufactured per day, with 3 people working for 8 hours. By acquiring the hydraulic presses, it is possible to increase this production even more: they are 6,000 bricks a day.
Result: perfect bricks and no need to go to the oven.


The first maintenance of the equipment is only necessary after the production of 70,000 manufactured bricks, being that only the change of the form pair (the mold) is necessary.


All equipment comes with a one year warranty for manufacturing defects.

Fast delivery

We have all the equipment, products and accessories to the prompt delivery.


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