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Earth Grinder

Machine designed to harrow clods of earth and aid in the preparation of the soil cement mixture. More efficient, as the material’s passage is restricted to a chamber.

  • It is utilized to harrow clods of earth, minimizing loss of material;
  • Aids in mixture preparation, making it more even and free of lumps;
  • Lastly, it improves quality and reduces labor costs.

Composed of a single-phase 3HP bivolt (110 and 220v) motor, the most potent in the market! Built with 1020, 1045 and ASTM A-36 carbon steel, certified, high grade material. One-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Can reach 3m³/hour.

Height: 1,27m x Width: 0,5m x Length: 0,6m

Weight: 70 Kg

Our support is free and lifelong, and we concern ourselves in making sure that our clients produce the best possible quality products. The product has a year’s warranty in case of factory defects.


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