Máquina Manual para fabricação de tijolo ecológico.


Low investment without leaving quality aside! Start your business or manufacture the bricks for your home by investing little and earning a lot.

Quality guaranteed!

The most versatile and complete in the market. In a single machine make ecological bricks, pellets, massive bricks, paver. Start your business by offering variety in products to your customer.

It has compression control mechanism, easy and light operation.

  • Made of AISI 1020, AISI 1045 and ASTMA36 carbon steel. Refill system that allows you to change the matrix box when there is abrasion;
  • Portable and easily disassembled; Depending on the structure and skills of the operators, it can produce up to 1,000 ~ 2,000 bricks per day;
  • Extreme dimensional accuracy;
  • Weight: approximately 115 KG;
  • Grease nipples on all shafts to lubrificate (includes a greaser as spare part);
  • Two support bases, avoiding the need of fixation.

Height: 1,55m x Width: 1m x Length: 1,3m

Weight: 110 Kg

We send out, with the machine, our video manual with all the guidance on soil and mixture preparation, machine handling, curing process, etc. Our support is free and lifelong, and we concern ourselves in making sure that our clients produce the best possible quality ecological brick. The product has a year’s warranty in case of factory defects.

Along with our product, our clients get, free of cost, the following items:

  • 01 DVD with all necessary guidance for the manufacturing of ecological bricks (ideal mixture, humidity point, compacting, storage and more);
  • 01 DVD with tips and instructions on how to use ecological bricks in construction;
  • 01 laboratory sifter for soil analysis and sand percentage assessment;
  • 01 grease nipple;
  • 11 manufacturing molds.


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