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Easy Sifter

The Easy Sifter is a quick and practical vibrating electric sifter that reduces service time and the stress employed in sifting materials.

Simple to use, compact and mobile, it can be used in different types of business, such as: agribusiness, construction, recycling, mining, food industry, chemical industries, mining, among others.

Created by professionals who closely follow the difficulties of the separation and filtration process, the easy sifter adds technology and knowledge with an excellent cost-benefit.


Linear oscillatory motion (“back and forth“): makes more than 500 movements per minute;
Doesn’t need to be fixed on the floor. Patented system;
Little space needed to operate;
Low power consumption;
You can use various types and sizes of sieves or even your own circular sieves;
Sieve the most diverse types of materials.

The easy sifter has high structural strength and a wheel system to facilitate transporting and positioning the equipment;

It is a durable, low-maintenance and easy-to-maintain product, requiring only a well-spaced basic lubrication;

It has a tapered vertical exit to facilitate the positioning of tanks, handcarts or bags.

It is used to classify diverse types of materials;

Assists in the preparation of the mixture, making it more homogeneous;

Improves quality, reduces labor costs and production time.

Can reach 3m³/hour.

Height: 1,15m x Width: 0,65m x Length: 0,85m

Weight: 46 Kg

Our support is free and lifelong, and we concern ourselves in making sure that our clients produce the best possible quality products. The product has a year’s warranty in case of factory defects.


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