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Easy Multi Processor

The Multi Processor 3 × 1 is a solution for the production of an ecological mix: a single machine, grinding and sieving.

  • High homogenization speed of the mixture, which requires only 1 to 3 minutes per batch;

  • Only one employee to operate it; Humidification and verification system coupled to the machine, avoiding stops during the batch;

  • Front access to the drum that facilitates the use of a conveyor, a bucket conveyor or a car, as well as access for maintenance;

  • The optimization of the production line, which requires less physical space, as well as the reduction of equipment expenses;

Composed of a bivolt motor (110 and 220v) single phase 3HP, the most powerful on the market! Built with 1020 carbon steel, 1045 and ASTM A-36, high grade certified material. One year warranty against manufacturing defects.

It can reach 3m³ / hour.

Height: 1.27m x Width: 0.5m x Length: 0.6m

Weight: 70 Kg

Our support is free and for life, and we have the concern that the client produces the ecological brick with the best possible quality. The product has a one year guarantee in case of factory defects.


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