Triturador de terra | Máquina para destorramento da terra

Triturador de Terra

The main function of the earth crusher is to break the clods and grind the earth in a granolometry suitable for the final use for the fabrication of the soil-cement brick. With this machine it is possible to do the grinding by whirling more efficiently, since the passage of the material is restricted to a chamber.

  • It is used to de-rotate, minimizing the loss of material;
  • It assists in the preparation of the mass, leaving more homogeneous and without lumps;
  • Finally, it improves quality and reduces labor costs.

Composed by 2vv single-phase motor bivolt (110 and 220v), the most powerful on the market! Constructed with 1020, 1045 and ASTM A-36 carbon steel, top quality and certified material. One-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

It can reach 3m³ / hour.

Height: 1.27m x Width 0.5m x Length 0.6m

Weight: 70 Kg

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