Tijolo Ecológico: Dicas de Fabricação e Vantagens na Utilização.

The Ecological Bricks

The ecological brick is ideal to be used as an apparent brick, eliminating the need for plaster, slab, plaster and paint. If you want, you can also coat your brick.

Advantages in the construction with Brick Ecological


Saving up to 40%: The production of ecological brick allows the saving of up to 40% in the final value of the work compared to traditional systems;


Reduction of construction time: due to the dimensional perfection, which favors the alignment and plumbing of the wall, it is possible to generate time savings;


Safer structure: As the columns are embedded in the holes, the weight load is better distributed;


Possibility of thermal and acoustic insulation: the holes in the middle of the bricks form air chambers and enable such insulation;


Economy of material: with the production of ecological brick there is the economy of concrete and mortar of settlement, as well as of iron;


Longer durability: eco-friendly bricks are up to six times stronger than conventional bricks;


Easy finishing: ecological bricks can only be used with a waterproofing, which can dispense with the use of paints and other finishes. The laying of the tiles can also be done directly on the bricks;


No need for wood: There is no need for wood in the pillars and beams;


Possibility of hydraulic and electrical installations: it is possible to carry out hydraulic and electrical installations through the holes;


Without aggression to the ecosystem: the produced bricks do not need to be burned in the oven, avoiding the aggression to the environment and being considered, therefore, ecological;


Beauty incomparable: the ecological bricks count an impeccable esthetics;


Reliability: ecological bricks are standardized and certified by ABNT and are considered reliable and safe.



Consists of soil + cement + water. The proportions of this mixture can vary between 7 to 10 parts of soil and 1 of cement for the manufacture of the ecological brick.

Ideal Land

The sandy soil is ideal for the production of the ecological brick, and should contain between 50% to 70% of sand and the rest of clay. To get close to this percentage, the red and yellow soils are the most indicated, while the clay soil is a little further from the quantity considered ideal. However, if you want to use the clay soil, it is recommended to add sand until the recommended constitution is reached.

Soil with organic material and black earth are out of the question. These should not be used.

Healing Bricks

The soil-cement bricks are not burned, since their resistance comes from the stabilization of the earth with the cement, adding water after the manufacture. The bricks should be wet for a period of 7 days after fabrication, preferably using garden hose.


Up to 5,000 ecological bricks can be produced per day. Such production will depend on the field of technology, the work of 3 people in a period of 8 hours and an available structure.

Production costs

The cost of producing organic bricks varies by region, but for illustrative purposes we will cite the cost of materials in our region: 2.3 m³ of soil and 6 bags of cement are required for the manufacture of one million bricks. Here we pay in the land truck of 5m³ the value of R $ 50.00 and in the cement bag CP II R $ 19.50. Therefore, my cost of land per thousand will be R $ 25.00.

In the 6 bags of cement we will spend R $ 117.00. In this case, therefore, the cost with material to manufacture a thousand is R $ 142.00.

Brick Sales Value

The sales value of 12.5 × 25 bricks varies from $ 700 to $ 1000. Compare the expense between making your own bricks or buying them ready: the cost to buy ten million already are, on average, R $ 7,000.00. However, with just over half of this value you can invest in manual equipment and still have money to manufacture 10 million. Incredible, is not it ?!

And more importantly: you will have the machine that is a durable good, being able to manufacture more and more ecological bricks. If your idea was to build your own house or build improvements in your farm, site and etc, you can resell your machine and still recover much of the money invested.


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